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By passing the profession examination your research to graduate Finanzwirtin / to graduate in monetary administration ends. They have acquired the potential for the first entry-level official in Category 2 and thus a superb likelihood to take more than as a civil servant / probationary official (Tax Inspector / in) in the Tax Administration Service of Reduced Saxony. Later, you possibly can for official / are appointed officials for life and get a non-cancellable life job.

provide you with for you many possibilities in the workplace and field employees of your tax administration of Reduced Saxony and hence to several different opportunities as online thesis proposal a team leader / in, Functional Area Manager / in, auditor / in, tax inspectors / in u.v.m ..Investment places edit the tax returns filed, make the legal examination and set the fixed tax payable by the tax assessment. Inside the tax workplace, the assessment is divided into diverse web-sites, for instance, Processing of sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations or employees.

Rechtsbehelfsstelle Not each and every taxpayer is satisfied with his tax bill and might appeal against the tax assessment appeal. Inside the Rechtsbehelfsstelle the case is examined comprehensively once more. Using a protest choice the way is opened for monetary court. Arranger / in in the field survey (payment and enforcement) What use may be the best tax bill if not monitored whether or not the taxes due are also paid. Within the collection agency you might have the task of monitoring the receipt, make reminders or to arrange installment payments. It might be essential to seek enforcement selections (as an example, seizures), to lead to foreclosures or initiate bankruptcy proceedings.

Monetary Data Center, the financial information center, the IT service provider of Lower Saxony tax administration. The key tasks incorporate the development, deployment and maintenance of all IT applications, the 66 tax offices and tax Academy are required for everyday perform within the altogether. The services possessing to become dynamically adapted to the rising good quality needs. Listed here are educated tax specialists with an interest in personal computer technology in great demand.

arranger / inside the office as Director / within the office of a tax workplace you will be accountable for personnel matters of the personnel and also the organizational aspects of a tax workplace.State Tax Office Niedersachsen, Ministry of Finance or tax Academy Much more interesting possibilities offer themselves as a clerk or clerk inside the National Tax Office of Reduce Saxony, the Lower Saxony Ministry of Finance and as a (full-time or part-time) teacher in the control Akademie Niedersachsen in education and training.